The Dream Products' Range was born on the 11th of December 1996 as a consequence of taking part in a show run by the Glasgow Artist collective known as
"Lapland". This group started off by curating shows of multiples, usually once a year at Christmas time. The first product I made was entitled "The Milk of Human Kindness". As kindness can sometimes be rather thin on the ground this product proved to be very popular with the public. I have continued to make this kind of work over the years which now form the Dream Products range.
The rationale behind it, is to take advantage of the fact that these products do not come under the Trade Description Act. Therefore I can use language borrowed from advertising copy to describe items which people really desire but somehow are beyond the remit of our commercial world. I rather favour the notion of forgetting the impracticalities of the product range and encouraging a collective dreaming process which will inevitably produce a better world.