This series of paintings were executed in the year 2,000. As the title indicates the method employed to produce them created a ghost like appearance in the finished work. The subjects of the paintings are figures, which have had an influential effect on the consciousness of the present day viewer. The concept underpinning the work is, that the perceived reality of our world is derived from the dreams and aspirations of past luminaries. The rationale behind such a group of paintings is to illustrate, that individual contributions of past personalities are essential to the collective nature of the group consciousness of the present. It is my intention that the Ghost Series will act as a catalyst allowing the viewer a mental space in which to meditate upon the transient quality of human endeavor.

Painting as an aid for Meditation

The practice of using an object as a catalyst to allow one's mind to enter a meditative state is well documented. Nostradamus was known to have used a silver bowl of water, which reflected candlelight. Buddhist priests recommend sitting by a still pond and meditating upon its surface. A similar technique is employed by aficionados of the Black Arts when utilizing a scryning glass (a mirror inscribed with magical symbols)
The method employed in all the above is similar. In the case of the scryning glass the practitioner focuses for a moment on the symbols engraved on the surface of the glass, then on the reflection it casts on the silvered surface beneath the glass. By repeatedly doing so a trance is entered providing an ideal mental state for meditation. The Ghost paintings act in a similar way by providing just enough information for the brain to comprehend the portrayed figure but not enough information for it to be held in the mind without concentration. The result is that the brain repeatedly sees the image then loses it and a trance like state is induced.